Policies and Procedures




Tuition is due the 1st of each month.  This is a yearly fee which is divided into seven (7) monthly payments (September - March), two of which are paid in September. If payment has not been received in the office by the 10th, a $10 service charge will be added to your account, regardless of absences.  Notices are not sent unless accounts are past due.  Monthly tuition reserves your child’s place in class and is non-refundable and non-transferable after September. Costume/Recital fees are only returned if a costume order has NOT been made. Tuition balances past 30 days may result in class suspension until tuition is current.  Until late fee(s) have been resolved, a dancer may not be allowed to participate in the annual recital. Tuition remains the same in months in which there are holidays.

                We encourage that all payments be made in our studio office or online via our parent portal coming soon !!! 

                                      Payments can be made via check, cash, money order, or check/debit card. 

Make all checks payable to:  Creative Expressions Dance Studio

Please remember to put child’s first AND last name on all checks and money orders.  If studio is closed, you must pay before the close of the previous business day or pay online. There is a $20 charge for all returned checks. No refunds or deductions granted for registration/recital fees, costume payments, or tuition for unattended classes.



* $10 Off Early Fall/Spring Registration fee at Our Annual Recital or Our Open House




If withdrawal from the studio is necessary, a written notice must be received in the office 30 days prior from the withdrawal.  No refunds or deductions are granted for classes not attended, or for the month in which a student withdraws.  Classes missed due to illness may be made up in another class.  Registration, tuition, costume and recital fees are non-refundable.  No Exceptions!!!

We reserve the right to terminate the enrollment of any student, without refund, for not abiding by the rules and regulations of CEDS.



Students are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner which reflects positive behavior that is superior at all times. No gum or candy will be allowed during class time. Students are to not allowed to touch the mirrors or eat inside the studio, as we would like to maintain a clean dance environment. All students must keep dance equipment clean and are to re-frame from damaging any property.  Students are to be punctual and attend classes regularly. During class time students are expected to pay close attention to their instructor and re-frame from talking while instruction is given. No running, playing or forms of mischief will be tolerated. Students are not to wonder to any other part of the building without parental supervision! 



As in any area of study, attendance is important. Students are expected to attend class regularly. Please contact the dance director or teacher and plan to make-up missed classes. We want our dancers to have every opportunity to “shine” at performances, recital or competition, so please be aware students missing too many classes may not perform at their best during the show. Please contact us if you are going to be tardy or absent from class. Students will be asked to observe class and take notes if they are more than 15 minutes late.




In case of inclement weather (i.e. tornado, icy roads) Creative Expressions follows the closings of Flint School of Performing Arts. Each student or the parent or guardian will be notified via email, phone, or text message concerning the cancellation of classes.


NOTE:  We here at Creative Expressions value the time and financial concerns of each student/client; Therefore, ALL classes will be made up within 30 days of cancellation. Any information pertaining to the makeup class due to cancellation will also be sent out the following week.

If there are any questions or concerns please contact Creative Expressions Dance Studio

via phone: (810)787-3991 or email: cedsflint@gmail.com



Creative Expressions Dance Studio follows the same closings as the Flint School of Performing Arts. There is no reduction in tuition for months including holidays or breaks. As we are aware that private and charter schools may differ from this schedule, we do take that in consideration but ONLY follow the holiday schedule of Flint School of Performing Arts to accommodate the vast majority of students.                       Creative Expressions participates in honoring the following holidays:

Labor Day



New Year’s





Parents are encouraged to visit classes only during the scheduled observation week to observe their child’s progress. Students must be able to focus/enjoy their dance classes and receive instruction without any outside distractions.



Creative Expressions is not responsible for any losses or damages to personal property left in the building. Leave all valuables at home! PUT YOUR CHILD’S NAME INSIDE ALL DANCE SHOES, DANCE ATTIRE AND DANCE BAGS.

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