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Showcase Corner

We would like to thank you for choosing Creative Expressions Dance Studio and allowing your little star to grace the stage with us. Our Upcoming showcase will be held Saturday April 27, 2024 at Whiting Auditorium. There will be one afternoon show held at 5:00 pm.

Dancers report time at 4:00 PM

Please remember to arrive on time as our show will start promptly!!!

*Due to COVID-19 show location and date are subject to change*

Below are frequently asked questions about how to prepare for the recital and the events that day.

  • Where is Creative Expressions Located ?
    We are conveniently located in the heart of Flint inside of Berston Field House 3300 N. Saginaw St. Flint, MI 48505.
  • What ages do you Teach ?
    Our classes are open to anyone ages 2.5 ( potty trained ) to Adult. It's never to late to start !!!
  • How can I pay my dance fees?
    All fees can be made online using paypal or any credit/debit card via our parent portal allowing you to see an itemized bill for all charges and transactions. Payments are also accepted in person via credit/debit card, cash, or money order. Scheduled appointments are recommended to implement social distancing rules. Those payments will be DIRECTLY added to your individual/family account that you can view via our parent portal.
  • How long are the classes?
    Each class is 1 or 1.5 Hours in total comprised of warm up, terminology review, across the floor, center floor, and dance choreography instruction. Our Small Tots classes are broken down into 45 mins sessions for each class allowing time for changing of shoes and special instruction.
  • How much do the classes cost?
    Monthly tuition for classes are $35.00 and totals at $280 per year. If dancers participate in more than one class, each additional class is discounted at $15.00 per class. Additional fees are added for those students participating in our annual recital. Be sure to inquire about our amazing family plan and fundraising opportunities !!! As classes INCREASE Prices DECREASE !!!
  • Where do I purchase my dance attire?
    Dance attire for each class can be purchased online via our studio dance store or in our studio office. All shoes, leotards, tights, shorts, pants, and accessories can now be purchased at one time and sent directly to your home. A one stop shop for all your dancing needs !!! Studio Pick up is also available for your convenience. *This is the new preferred method due to COVID-19* Visit our studio website under the "SHOP" for additional details
  • When and where will the showcase take place?
    The showcase will be held at Whiting Auditorium located at 1241 E. Kearsley St. Flint, MI 48503. We can't wait to see you at our Annual Dance Concert as we celebrate "42 Years of Dance Excellence."
  • What time will my dancer be performing?
    All students performing in the show are to report at the designated times below: SHOW TIME 5:00 PM = Report Time 4:00 PM (Sharp) PLEASE BE ON TIME !!!
  • Where do I drop off and pick up my dancer?
    All dancers are to report to the back entrance of the auditorium located at the bottom of the parking ramp (Use the Second Door). All dancers should be dropped off PROMPTLY at 4:00 pm not a minute before. All dancers are to report to their assigned dressing rooms and their assigned stage mother/father. Signs will be posted instructing dancers where to go. All dancers will be given wrist bands for backstage entry. Parents are to give all costumes to their child's assigned stage parent and leave the back area IMMEDIATELY. After the showcase dancers will be released to the same back door and must be picked up PROMPTLY. Parents : Please make sure that you have all our your dancer's costumes, accessories, make up, shoes, and tights before they are dropped off. Dancers should have all of their costumes and shoes labeled with their names inside BEFORE the show.
  • When do tickets go on sale?
    Tickets go on sale starting April 8th 2024. Please do not hesitate when buying your tickets as we are known to sell out completely for our show. Ticket Pricing: $20 in advance and $25 at the door All tickets can be purchased via the following options: ONLINE : at or Call (810) 237-7333 IN PERSON: In our studio office located at 3300 N. Saginaw St. Flint MI 48505 Office Hours are Monday - Thursday 5:00-7:00 pm or Sat 10:00-12:00pm *(No tax Included) The closest and best tickets in the house will be avaliable via in person purchase from our studio. WE HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO PURCHASE FROM OUR STUDIO OFFICE. Payments can be made via: Credit/Debit Card OR Cash ONLY
  • Will there be a picture day?
    Yes, there will be a picture day on Saturday March 16th, 2024. Pictures will be taken at Creative Expressions Dance Studio from 9:00-4:00. Dancers are the arrive with make up already done. No classes will be held on this Saturday; PICTURES ONLY. A schedule will be provided for your class report time!!
  • What and When is Run Thru Week?
    Run thru Week is our "Full Show" rehearsal at the studio. This allows all of our students and staff time to ensure that all recital dances are complete, in show order, and look their absolute best. Run Thru Week is MANDATORY for all dancers. Run Thru will be held in April the week before our show; Saturday April 20 - Thursday April 24. Special Rehearsal: If needed extra rehearsal will be on day Thursday of that week for those dances that may need extra work. Advance notice will be given to students in those dances.
  • Do we have Dress Rehearsal?
    Yes we do !! Dress "Tech" rehearsal is where each class will be able to practice their dance on stage and ensure your dancer looks their absolute best. Our tech rehearsal will be held Friday April 26th from 5:00 - 8:00 pm the day before the show at Whiting Auditorium 1241 E Kearsley St. Flint, MI 48503. All dancers are to report on time for tech rehearsal from 5:00-8:00 pm. Dancers are to report in their first outfit and must bring ALL of their shoes/costumes/headpieces for each dance they are apart of. PLEASE BE ON TIME as rehearsal will start PROMPTLY at 5:00 pm. DO NOT allow students to wear costumes before this day except for picture day and do not allow them to eat with them on.
  • How should my dancer wear their hair for the showcase?
    All ballet and tumbling routines should have hair pulled neatly in a bun in the back of the head in the center. All other routines/classes should have their hair done neatly and styled out of the dancer's face.
  • Can my dancer wear make up and jewelry for the show?
    MAKE UP : All dancers should come with make up already on for the actual show and not for dress rehearsal. For our younger students, parents please provide a oversized cover up shirt in your dancer's bag to eliminate messing up their costumes. JEWELRY : No jewelry of any kind should be worn as it may cause injury or prohibit a dancer from performing their best. PLEASE leave all jewelry items at home as Creative Expressions is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Rhinestone "stud" earrings are the only MANDATORY jewelry allowed and are to be worn with costume and accessories. Earrings can be purchased in our studio office or online at our studio store under the "SHOP" Tab.
  • I have a balance can my dancer still perform?
    No!!! Dancers must have a ZERO BALANCE to participate. All balances must be paid in full by the first week of April. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
  • Can I take pictures and video during the show?
    NO !!! There will be no flash photography or videoing allowed of the ENTIRE SHOW. Anyone caught taping the entire show will be asked to stop or risk having devices confiscated until the end of the show. HOWEVER, we now allow for you to take pictures and video snippets of your child as long as you share a POSITIVE post to our social media sites via Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We believe in encouraging our students and assisting in cultivating their character to produce confident dancers. Any negative content will be reported and action will be taken. Please use the following HASHTAGS: #creativeexpressionsdancestudio #cedsflint Our show will be professionally recorded and DVD's/ Thumb drives will be on sale for purchase. Pre Orders will be available for those looking to get a jump ahead of the line. Creative Expressions is a non profit organization and funds received from your purchases help support our students. PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!!!
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